A featured kitchen design article in Fine Homebuilding Magazine rated daylight as the most important ingredient of a good kitchen.  Unfortunately many kitchens suffer when poorly located cabinetry or appliances block access to essential daylight.

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5 New Kitchen
Modern Arts and Crafts Kitchen
Jim’s first project for this Bloomington family was a new front porch (See ‘Craftsman Porch’).
12 New Kitchen
Indianapolis Makeover
This large remodeling for former Bloomington clients targeted functional and esthetic problem areas.
5 Remodeled Kitchen
Vertical Potential
This remodel took advantage of existing hidden potential.
From Dining
Modern Kitchen
The first ingredient in a recipe for a good kitchen is always daylight.
Long Finish 034
Mid Century Remodel
This early 1950’s midcentury house, directly across from Rosenbarger’s own home, was asking for help.