Addition for Folk Art Collectors

This project was Rosenbarger’s third for the clients, a couple who are established folk art dealers and collectors.  The first project was a lean-to kitchen addition to their historic, two story farmhouse.  A second project added a concealed, glazed entry to the nearby barn/gallery.  For this third project the clients wanted a bedroom suite with lots of display space.   This new wing attaches to the kitchen addition  and extends toward the barn.

As art collectors, the clients were hesitant to attach many restraints to the design.  The design program included the words, “Lay it on us!”

With some whimsy intended, the new addition assembles the assortment of very small agricultural out-buildings and sheds often seen on old, small farms between the main house and the barn.   A corn crib, a little shed, and a tiny garage are included, along with a couple of lattice covered structures.  They respectively house the main bedroom, a bed nook, the bath, a dressing room, and a gallery hall.

Contractor:  Mark Werncke