The vertical option saves yard space, and roof area and usually doesn’t block existing windows or exterior doors.  It also offers good privacy for bedrooms as well as new, longer views.   A more compact, easier to heat and cool house is another advantage.

Going up may also include going down, into the earth.  Supporting the extra weight of a second floor may require new footings and other structural reinforcement.

2 New Additions
Eclectic Ranch
In a house with only two bedrooms and a family of four, the clients had planned to convert the garage into a bedroom suite, and then build a new garage.
2 New 2nd Floor
Going Up
The original house was gutted and completely remodeled.
3 Fischman 004-2
Tudor Changefulness
An evolving house, showing additions added over time, can develop a rich complexity and a deep rootedness.
Raising the Middle
The original, nicely sited footprint of this sprawling house wrapped around a south facing deck with a view into the woods.
2 Mitchell Schneider 005
Two Story Addition
The owners of this family house wanted a new, expanded kitchen, and a second floor bath.