Are front porches becoming more popular than backyard decks?  The back deck is possibly more private……and maybe more boring.  Meanwhile, front porches are riding the wave of resurging traditional neighborhoods.

The following sampling of porches favors fronts.  In several cases these porches were a response to client requests for some form of front façade improvement.  An enhancement that provides sheltered living space and comes with an interesting view of street life could give the backyard deck a run for its money.

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2 New Front
Porch Addition to a 1970's Modern House
The Owners’ of this modern house were looking for a functional porch and a chance to enhance the appearance of their street façade.
2 New Front Porch
Craftsman Porch
On one of Bloomington’s most beautiful and livable streets, the existing house lacked a welcoming face.
New Porch and pergola
The owner of a house a short distance from our own wanted to enhance the front of her house, and she liked the idea of a screen porch.
2 New Porch
Quirky Colonial
During a remodeling walk-through I proposed that an existing sunroom be converted to a porch.
Two Story Front
Two Story Front
An existing lower level sunroom needed extensive repairs and the exposed front deck and stairs also needed attention.
Tudor Welcome
This small porch, part of a larger project, protects the entrance and steps the house down to greet visitors.
1 New Porch and Bay
Back Yard Living
This project included a new kitchen bay and a large screen porch.
1 Porch and Addition
Four Square Side
A new rear utility-bath addition and a small side porch were added to this four-square house.